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Our 100% fresh cosmetics and lifestyle products are unique in the world, because they have absolutely no preservatives . This 100 % freshness makes it possible for Ringana to include ingredients that would get destroyed through preservatives and/or a prolonged shelf life.

Our Philosophy

No product is more than 10 days old when it is shipped directly from our company headquarters in Hartberg, Austria to our customers in over 30 countries worldwide.* **

No preservatives or genetically modified substances and all our suppliers produce ingredients of the highest standards and are as ecological and environmentally concerned as Ringana

Ringana produces cosmetics and other products so fresh with ingredients of the highest quality and standards in sufficiently high doses to achieve maximum effect.

We believe in the ethical treatment of the environment, animals and humans alike.

Ringana is a fair trade company and we have several village and agricultural projects in different parts of the world.
Ringana packages are loving wrapped by people with disabilities.
We want all our Partners to be successful and we support them as best we can.

*For US customers please contact me directly for shipping from Austria to US

** Map of countries that Ringana ships to directly


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